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Meadville PA

College and Residential Rentals and Storage

We have created a unique storage and rental solution for all of your needs. From residential and commercial storage, to college storage, we have you covered.

Residential & Commercial Storage

We have climate controlled crate storage for residential and commercial use

Between Semester Storage

Don’t haul your STUFF back and forth from home.  Schedule your storage now and pick up your items whenever you are ready!

How Climate Crate Storage Works

Our crate storage solution is a pick up or drop off – pack – and store solution.

Order and Reserve Your Crate

Select one of our conveniently sized crates and checkout simply select what day you would like your storage crate to be available.

Pack your Storage Crate

Pack your storage crate and we will store it in our safe, climate controlled warehouse.

Request Pick-Up of your Crate Items

When you are ready for your stuff, contact us to request unpacking/pick up of your crate storage.

Order Your Storage unit

From college student storage to residential storage needs.  Get started today.

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We also have convenient laundromats!